Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Conspiracy Theories and Roundabout Wars

These days everyone loves talking about how Pakistan is the victim of a so called “4th Generation War”, with the US, Israel, India, <Insert dubious anti-Muslim enemy here) etc as the aggressors. These pseudo-intellectuals say the US and India plan to invade Pakistan from the West and the East respectively take away our nuclear arsenal and cut up the country into little parts. Understandably, these gentlemen hate everyone who does not subscribe to their viewpoint and especially the media, which they love to call the “fifth column of the enemy”.  The most prominent of the aforementioned gentlemen is Mr (or should I say Khalifa?) Zaid Hamid, but much has already been said about him and I don’t want to waste my time on a guy, who if he had his way would have us declare war on the entire world.

Back to the 4th Generation War; at this very moment, hundreds of Cyber Jihadis are doing their duty as faithful soldiers of the Khalifa Zaid, updating statuses and sharing links. It is to them that Pakistan owes its existence and I sometimes wonder if this evil Zionist government is using load-shedding as a tool to thwart the efforts of patriotic Cyber Warriors. Anyways, enough with the jokes; when this band of patriots (mostly 15-30 years old) is asked exactly WHY the US wants to destroy Pakistan, they are ready with a detailed answer. They will tell you that the US is afraid of the Muslims, that we are the only Muslim Nuclear power, that the Zionists, afraid of our “Muslim Bomb” wish to cut up Pakistan into little pieces and that the sole purpose of the Afghanistan War is to attack and destroy Pakistan (9/11 was an inside job of course, say the Cyber Jihadis, ignoring all evidence to the contrary). They will then explain further that a multitude of hostile intelligence agencies are behind every problem in Pakistan ranging from violence in Quetta and Karachi to shoes getting stolen after Juma prayers! Indeed, after listening to them, one wonders that if foreign intelligence agencies are carrying out terrorist activities with such impunity, wouldn’t it be better to just disband our own security agencies and save on the expenses?

Speaking of security agencies, it should be mentioned that this group of patriots we are talking about is highly protective of the Pakistan Army and blind to any fault in it. If provoked with rational evidence of the mistakes made by the army or the intelligence agencies, they will respond by labeling you a Zionist.

A friend once told me that the US is behind bomb attacks in Pakistan because if there was no terrorism in Pakistan, people would demand that Pakistan pull out of the war. Guess what? They are still demanding that Pakistan pull out! And anyways, since when has public opinion had any effect on those in power in Pakistan? Even setting this aside, it is a rather stupid way of keeping an ally in a war and would be disastrous in the long run for very obvious reasons. And one more thing: if our government is Zionist (as conspiracy theorists claim), then why the need for bomb attacks to keep Pakistan in the war? Aren’t Zionists supposed to be united or something?

Moving on, my question to all such people is: Assuming that the US wants to destroy Pakistan, why is it making it so hard for itself? Yes, why is the US going about it in such a difficult, roundabout way? Let’s take a quick look at our economy: GDP stands at $210 Billion, growth at a mere 2.6% and our national debt is a whooping $61 Billion The consistent load shedding, upwards of 12 hours/day alone is enough to completely cripple the Pakistani economy (and indeed it has). So instead of using a complex strategy to destroy the Pakistani ideology and “corrupting” the youth to destroy Pakistan, wouldn’t it be easier for US to just go all out against the Pakistani economy? Think about it; as of 2011, Pakistani exports are around $25.3 Billion, out of which almost 50% are to the so called enemies of Pakistan (US, EU, India, Afghanistan, UAE etc). Our imports on the other hand are around $35.5 Billon and our biggest (import) partners are China, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Now, according to warriors of the Caliph Zaid Hamid, the US is at this very moment waging war against Pakistan, so I wonder why the US and their allies don’t just embargo Pakistan. I know what you are thinking; that it would be a international fiasco, that the war in Afghanistan would be jeopardized and all that, but remember, according to many pseudo-analysts, the war in Afghanistan is just a cover up or rather a preparation for an eventual war in Pakistan. So, by their reasoning, if Pakistan can be destroyed in some other way, there is no need for a war in Afghanistan.

Other than that, consider the remittances by overseas Pakistani, the lifeblood of our fragile economy. Total remittances in 2011 stood at around $10.8 Billion and out of these, remittances from “Zionist” countries were as follows: $2 Billion from the US, $1.3 Billion from the UK, $0.3 Billion from the EU and $0.4 Billion from other Zionist nations. Which means that Pakistanis sent home $4 Billion from enemy countries in 2011. Just take out these $4 Billion and the Pakistani economy will collapse due to balance of payment deficits.

Another thing I often think about is why in the world does our sworn enemy; the Zionist USA keeps selling arms to us. And sophisticated weaponry at that, such as F-16s… Plus, why does the IMF bails us out every time our incompetent government drives the economy into a ditch?

It is not very difficult for the US, if it were, for some reason hell bent upon destroying Pakistan to push the Pakistani economy beyond the point of no return. In any case, it’s easier than staging 9/11 and then fighting a 10 year war with all its complexities just to destroy a country like Pakistan. Money makes the world go round; without it there can be no armed forces, no missile defense no nothing. And in the end, if the conspiracy theorists are right and America has spent $500 Billion plus in Afghanistan just to cut up Pakistan, then I think American policy makers must be the most mentally-challenged group of people to ever walk the Earth.

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